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On flyingBooth we have Aircraft for Sale, Avionics for sale and other plane related goods and services. There are no limits to the number of adverts you can place and there are no hidden fees or commission. This site is completely FREE to use.
I advertised on 3 sites, including Flyingbooth. Yours was the easiest to use and you sent reminders about "bumping" the advert, which was useful. I also got more enquiries and the buyer came through your website. So my experience was very good.

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Classic aircraft project for sale - cabin twin.
Kamov Ka-26 Helicopter
distributor dome, P/N 320.220 for BSM-9F
Bushing  MA-49025 for BSM-9F
Bombardier Global Express XRS

Training - services - EGSV - United Kingdom
ROCC Training

AirBASE Aviation

To use an air/ground radio station you need a Radio Operator's Certificate of Competence (ROCC). Alan McNeal at AirBASE is a CAA Approved Examiner for the ROCC. We offer training and exams to gain t...(trade)

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