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Bombardier Learjet 45 for sale

Bombardier Learjet 45 Jet plane for sale.


Jet plane Bombardier Learjet 45
Jet plane Bombardier Learjet 45
Jet plane Bombardier Learjet 45
Jet plane Bombardier Learjet 45 - Image no 2
Jet plane Bombardier Learjet 45 - Image no 3
Jet plane Bombardier Learjet 45 - Image no 4

Aircraft Main Details
Condition:Brand New
Reg year:2013
Model:Learjet 45
Type:Jet plane
Sale type:For sale
Price:£ POA (GBP)
Location:United Kingdom
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Contact advertiser by phone +44 (0) 207 112 5359
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Bombardier Learjet 45 for sale

The Bombardier Learjet 45 aircraft offers everything that is groundbreaking about the Bombardier Learjet 45- and more. Responding to ever-evolving corporate needs, this super-light jet delivers an impressive list of enhancements, such as increased range with more passengers, shorter takeoff distances in hot conditions and at high altitudes, faster time-to-climb and faster cruise speeds.

Unmatched capabilities and flexibility
The power to go farther, even faster
Executive suite space and efficiency

Performance Highlights:
With new, more powerful engines, the Bombardier Learjet 45 builds on the proven track record of the Learjet 45 by significantly improving payload range capabilities, time to climb, high-speed cruise, “hot and high” performance and cabin comfort. The Learjet 45 gets easily in and out of many smaller and out-of-the-way airports. Able to climb directly to 43,000 feet (13,106 m) in less than 25 minutes, the Learjet 45 will fly at speeds exceeding 450 knots. At 51,000 feet (15,545 m) these aircraft will soar in a space where there is little turbulence or traffic.

An aircraft is personalised through the many finishing touches that make it your own. Be your tastes conservative or unrestrained, your technology needs modest or cutting-edge, Bombardier Learjet aircraft can be outfitted to meet your preferences with a full complement of interior, exterior, equipment and avionics options.

Please Note:
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Additional Details
Interior:Bombardier Learjet 45 aircraft deliver advanced cabin functionality to carry more passengers comfortably into the future. Most accommodating in its category and with an impressive list of enhancements, the Learjet 45 cabin lets passengers make the most of their time in the air.

Passengers: 8
Enclosed Lavatory: Yes
Entertainment Centre: Yes
Flight attendant: No
Cabin Length: 19’9’’- 6.02 m
Cabin Width: 5’1”- 1.56 m
Cabin Height: 4’1”-1.50 m
Baggage Space: 65 cu ft- 1.82 cu m
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Advertiser: Exclusive Aircraft Sales Ltd (Michael)
Phone: +44 (0) 207 112 5359

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Bombardier Learjet 45 jet plane for sale
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