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Antonov AN-12 Turbo Props for sale.


Turbo Props Antonov AN-12
Turbo Props Antonov AN-12
Turbo Props Antonov AN-12
Turbo Props Antonov AN-12 - Image no 2

Aircraft Main Details
Condition:Second hand
Reg year:1972
Type:Turbo Props
Sale type:For sale
Price:£ POA (GBP)
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Contact advertiser by phone 48523533251
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AN-12 BK

For sale- AN-12BK, YOM 1972, TSN 7660, 5422 land., engines 4x AI-20M. Loading- 20.000kg . (Trade)
Additional Details
Interior:Very good
Exterior:Very good
Avionics:1.Radio communication equipment:

- Radio station "BAKLAN-20D" (2 ps)

- Radio station "Micron"

- Emergency radio station R-855

-Radio station "KOMAR" (2 ps)

2. Radio engineering means of navigation and landing:

- Equipment of navigation and landing ?URS-?P-2 (2 ps)

- Plane range finder SD-67

- Automatic radio compass ARK-11 (2 ps)

- Radio altimeter RV-5MD

- Respondent international S??-64

- Dopler indication system of speed and drift angle DISS-013-12?

3. The radio navigating equipment:

- Radar station ROS-1

- System GPS-195-2ps

4. Equipment of registering of emergency conditions:

- Onboard system of registration of modes of flight ?SRP-12

- Onboard tape recorder MS-61B (2 ps)

- Self-recorder ?3-63

5.  Piloting - navigation equipment:

- Course system KS-6G

- Gyro horizon AGD-1S (3 ps)

- Automatic machine of angles of attack and overloads ?U?SP-6R

- Giro semicompas GPK-52

- System of direct management «Dri
Airframe, APU & Engines
Airframe hours:7660
Airframe landings:5422
YOM: 19.08.1969 , TSN 10125h.
                  TSOH 3947h. 12.01.2001

YOM:20.09.1968,  TSN 11493h,
                 TSOH 3946h. 14.12.2001
YOM:17.01.1969 TSN 8723h.
                TSOH 4163h. 20.10.1993

YOM: 27.08.1971 TSN 10332
                TSOH 3947,   20.03.2001
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Advertiser: POLIMER-P.W. (Marek Szumlas)
Phone: 48523533251

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AN-12 cargo 1972 AI-20M loading 20000 kg
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