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STATION 144 - OLD BUCKENHAM Books and Art work - Accessory for sale

£ 12

Station 144 Old Buckenham
Station 144 Old Buckenham
Station 144 Old Buckenham
Major James Stewart USAAF
A 453rd B-24 aircrew
B-24 bombers from Old Buck over Germany

General Details
Category:Books and Art work
Price:£ 12 (GBP)
Condition:Brand New
Location:EGSV (United Kingdom)


An airfield that has survived against the odds. The story of Old Buckenham Airfield - USAAF Station 144 from 1943 until 1945 when the 453rd Bombardment Group were based there with their B-24 Liberator aircraft. Hollywood star and ace pilot Jimmy Stewart was Ops Officer during 1944 and actor Walter Matthau also served there. The 70 minute professionally made film on DVD relates the wartime story and of young Americans who took the fight to the enemy. 366 of them did not get back home. The film goes on to tell the post war story from RAF bomb dump though crop spraying right through to today's GA operations. NOW AT A NEW LOWER PRICE OF JUST £12.00! The price includes UK P & P. Contact us on to order. (Trade)
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USAAF, 453rd, B-24, RAF
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