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aircraft parts Aircraft parts - Accessory for sale


General Details
Category:Aircraft parts
Price:£ POA (GBP)
Condition:Second hand
Location:Redhill (United Kingdom)

aircraft parts

Morava L200A and D models, parts available, for spares / repair.

Qty: one complete airframe, an L200A, 1000 hrs TTSN

Qty: airframe components (various), from L200D, for spares / repair.

Qty: 2 X Letavladoy M337 210 hp 6-cylinder injected supercharged in line aero engines. both 1000 hrs TTSN.

Qty: various radio equipment / flight instruments from Morava aircraft types.

contact for more details, any Qs? (Private)
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Advertiser: Martin
Phone: 01737 769887

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Morava aircraft and spares.
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