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Advertising options - FlyingBooth

Advertising on FlyingBooth is Completely Free. There are no hidden charges, commission or any other costs.

Features of the adverts are:

  • Add as much or as little information as you like to your advert
  • Edit your advert as often as you like 24/7
  • Add up to 25 images per advert
  • Add a youTube video to aircraft adverts if you have one
  • Adverts are completely Free
  • Advertisers will be prompted to delete old adverts to ensure that the content on the site is current

If the section you want to place an advert under does not appear in the left hand menu, it will be because there are no live adverts under that section. Once you add an advert to a new section, the new section will automatically appear in the menu when your advert goes live.

Below are some of the sections we have on the site. If there is one you would like adding to the options then please let us know.

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