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About FlyingBooth

FlyingBooth is the place for

Aircraft for sale

. Launched in 2013 FlyingBooth is here to provide free advertising for Aircraft and accessories for sale.

I specialise in creating classified sites and have in the past created 3 of the UK`s largest. I started FlyingBooth because of my interest in aircraft and my target for the site is to build it into the biggest and best.
If you have any comments, please share them with me so I can improve the site.

FlyingBooth is a classified site where Private and Trade can advertise their Aircraft for Sale (Airplanes, helicopters, Gliders, etc....), Avionics for sale, accessories and components for sale.

All adverts are FREE

(completely Free. No listings fee, No commission - No charge at all).

Old adverts
I am very pro-active with getting old adverts removed. Advertisers are emailed regularly asking if they have sold and if an advert is still live after 90 days then they have to confirm that the advert is still required for it to remain on the site.

Advert views
The hit counter gives a realistic view on how many visits an advert has had. Unlike some other sites, where each image clicked on in an advert increments the counter, we don`t do this. On FlyingBooth the counter is only incremented when the full details are viewed (and there is even code to stop people repeatedly clicking on an advert to increment its hit counter).

If you have any comments on the site, then please let us know through the contact us form.

Please tell people about the site so it can continue to grow.

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